I was born on 06.04.1958 in Wels, Austria where I grew up as well.

As a child I was already artistically influenced by my family. 

My uncle was a captain at a German shipping company. 

He traveled the world. The impressions of his travels he incorporated in his large murals.

I always waited eagerly for his return, because he let me participate in the design of his murals.

My mother was also artistically gifted in painting and doing pottery.

She told me that my great great grandfather was a very talented painter and musician, and she said : now you know why you are so artistic talented.

When I was 14 years old I found by chance a coin that looked very old. I showed it to somebody and he told me that it was a Roman coin.

This caused me always to go to the excavations of the city after school.

I watched everything in detail and my feelings told me: they are digging in the wrong places.

At dusk I decided , when no workers were there anymore, to look at the right place for me.

Here I found indeed urns ( Terra Sigillata ) filled with ancient Roman coins. I thought that I was rich now but someone has watched me and then betrayed me.

The estimated value of the found stuff was app. 2 million Austrian Schilling ( app. 285000 German Marks )

In return I was punished. I had to help with the restoration of the church during the entire summer holidays, and it was a very hot summer.

Because of this I have learned, however, to restore and never forgot how to do it until now.

After finishing school I moved out into the wide world.

When I was 16 years old I came back to my home and there I met Friedensreich Hundertwasser. At that time I didn't know who he was. He invited me to Vienna.

I accepted the invitation and I learned a lot from him within the following 3 years. This also inspired me for my own art.

After this I started my art travel within Europe.

I visited for example Paris, Corsica, Saint-Tropez, Germany and Italy.

At the age of 25 I decided to go to Germany to carry on my artistic creation.

My exhibitions up to now were in Düsseldorf on the Königsallee, Steigenberger Parkhotel, at the Frauenkirche Munich, at Rolls Royce Cologne, with KBA in Dresden, at the printing machine museum in Dresden, at Hermes in Hamburg, at KPMG in Frankfurt, at the SPD party house in Bonn. 

Currently until the end of September in Beijing at the MOCA museum.

The invitation to the Art Miami under the patronage of the Art Basel I will participate. 


Here are some examples of people who are in possession of my art:


  • Albert Steigenberger , Steigenberger Hotels, 1999 four artworks, privat property
  • Franz Beckenbauer , three artworks privat property, one for Franz Beckenbauer foundatin
  • Johannes Rau , former German President, one artwork, privat property
  • Wolfgang Clement , former German Minister, one artwork, privat property 
  • Gerhard Schröder , former German Chancellor, one artwork, privat property 
  • Claudia Schiffer , German Model, three artworks, privat property 
  • Heinz Schiffer , father of Claudia Schiffer, one artwork 
  • Art collector Dr. Michael Otto , Boss from the Otto mail order house and Hermes Europe, one artwork in privat property, one artwork at Hermes headquarters in Hamburg and one personalized art container
  • Peter Hahn fashion label , wall creation 9 x 5 meter, headquarters 
  • Bethanien Hospital Moers , wall creation 4x2 meter
  • Campino , vocalist from " Die Toten Hosen " , one artwork, privat property 
  • Boy George , vocalist, one artwork, privat property 
  • Anke Huber tennis player and her husband Roger Wittmann ( Football Players Agent ), one artwork, privat property 
  • Boris Becker , former tennis player, one artwork, privat property
  • Ingrid Mickler-Becker , former olympic champion ( 2 gold medals ), one artwork, privat property  
  • .......... and many more.